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Alimentation Spécifiques aux Sports de Longue Durée

Aujourd’hui, Geoffrey nous accompagne sur nos courses longues. Il nous donne des conseils sur notre alimentation, avant et pendant l’effort.

Hydratation du sportif_Wolf Training

Hydratation du sportif

Après son article sur la protéine et le Sport, Geoffrey nous parle aujourd’hui de l’effet de l’hydratation sur notre pratique sportive.

La protéine dans le sport

Laissez nous vous présenter le diététicien de Wolf Training : Geoffrey. Aujourd’hui, il nous parle protéines et sport.

OpenWater Swimming Wolf Training

Open Water Sessions and tips for a good session

New month and new advice from Lucas. The triathlon season is launch now, as well as the Open Water! Here is some tips regarding this activity! 🏊😉

5 things to do/know about the ‘recovery week’

After the success of ‘5 tips for your Swimming session’, Lucas give you 5 informations regarding the famous « recovery week »

5 tips for your swimming sessions

Everything is in the title! Today, I’ll give you 5 exercises to integrated in your swimming session, to become faster and stronger. 💪🏊

The Maximum Aerobic Speed

Today, Lucas give us some advices regarding Vitesse Maximum Aerobic (VMA or Maximum Aerobic Speed – MAS) training session. Let’s follow the personal trainer!

Winter Bike training

When you say Winter bike training, you think Home trainer. During winter time, it can be really hard to manage its cycling training.

Race and Food

Everybody have his own recipe. But today, the coach present you 8 of his rules, to avoid indigestion during Sport!