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Rassemblement WT #1

Regroupement Wolf Training #1

Petit retour en arrière et plus exactement au mois de Décembre. La meute s’est officiellement regroupée pour un week-end riche en activités sportives et culinaires !

Happy Customer_Olivier

Meet our customer : Olivier

Today, meet a new happy customer, Olivier.
Triathlete, we join the Pack in the beginning of 2020, to be train in Run and Bike!

Wolf Training Mathieu

Meet our customer : Mathieu

Today, meet a new happy customer, Mathieu.
He is one of our oldest Wolf in the Pack, but not the last one to make jokes all the day!

Justin Jourdan Wolf Training

Bearman XXL 2019 : Race report by Justin

here is my summary of the Bearman. Obviously it is surely less successful than usual, words have had more trouble coming, but I wanted to write something. Because it’s easy to be clever when everything goes well, but the sport also goes through moments of less good, it seems to me!

LaMaille Wolf Training

Meet our customer : Clément

Today, meet a new happy customer, Clément.
He is our biathlete in the Pack, a hunter among the wolves! He join the pack to prepare a marathon, a small details for him😉

Justin Wolf Training Iceland

Meet our customer : Justin

Today, meet a new happy customer, Justin. He is our member of the « Dead Poets Society »! He excels in the punchline, but not only! Our little bear answered, in French, to our questions, and it’s really fun, so enjoy! 😉

Meet our customer : Guillaume

Today, meet a new happy customer, Guillaume. Member of the pack since a couple of months now, he joins us to discover the triathlon, and prepare his first Olympic distance!

Altriman L : Race report by Justin

2 months and a half before his big goal of the season, the Bearman Xtreme Triathlon, Justin alias our baby bear, raced one of the most epic race in the Pyrénées, the Altriman. With a lot of humour, he share with us his race report, in French. Enjoy!!

Frenchman XXL : Report by Seb

The Frenchman… The main goal of his triathlon season, or maybe of his triathlon career. After a lot of emotion, Seb is coming back on that day, the 1st June 2019, the 1st June 2019.
Récit d’un grand moment de sport et d’émotions…

Meet our customer : Geoffrey

Today, meet a new happy customer, Geoffrey alias Geo.
We call him the boar. He likes mud and the forest, he practices the trail and has some wonderful goals for this season.