The Nutritional Monitoring : Geoffrey COSTE

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The Nutritional Monitoring : Geoffrey COSTE

Today, meet one of the WOLF Training partner: Geoffrey COSTE

In addition to be a member of the Pack, Geoffrey is also the nutritionist of WOLF Training.

Get to know him better, and learn a little bit more about nutrition and his vision of it.

Can you introduce your business in a few words?How to present in activity.. I’m a dietitian nutritionist. I do my intervention, mainly at the patients’ homes. The goal of my care is to take into consideration the habits of the patient to keep a maximum of pleasure in the diet, to achieve your goals, with a regular follow-up! Because, without pleasure, every support becomes useless! We never speak about calories or restrictions. This is not the goal. The supports and follow-up can also be done by mail.

For what reasons an athlete can have a nutritionist? A follow-up allows the athlete to be more comfortable with the problems of feeding during the season. And so, be completely focused on their practice. But also, to know how to have PLEASURE without pressure, when competition approach. In addition, having a diet adapted to your practice and habits also contributes to better performance!

Is that exclusively reserved for the high level athletes? Not at all, a follow-up can also be done on any person practicing an activity even leisure!

What is, in a concret way, a nutritional follow-up? A follow-up always begins with an interview to establish the way of life (professional life, practiced activities, lifestyle – anthropometric data. Then a questionnaire to establish eating habits. Once all the information has been collected, we establish the achievable goals and the wishes of the athlete. and putting a plan that best fits his habits. Then a follow-up is set up in order to regulate or readjust according to the result and the thread of the season.

Why did you chose to become a WOLF Training Partner? I was already inform about Lucas’s values, and I want to work with athletes looking for fun in food and practice! Perfect match with WolfTraining Spirit!