Meet our customer : Geoffrey

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Meet our customer : Geoffrey

Today, meet a new happy customer, Geoffrey alias Geo.

We call him the boar. He likes mud and the forest, he practices the trail and has some wonderful goals for this season.

Name: Geoffrey

Age : 26yo

Where do you live: A small village in the middle of the Jura, called Vitreux (half an hour of Besançon)

Your strength and weakness in trail: My strength: the happiness of running and the raises during the races
My weakness: descents and long ravitos 😜.

Your main competition in 2019 : Three main goal for this season: Trail des Forts de Besançon (50K 2100D+) – Trail de Montreux (55K – 4200D+) – les Templiers (78K 3600D+).

Your favorite and worth session : My favorite session : I would like to say a hilly session in the forest. My worth : a 15-15 session on the track!

Why WOLF Training? : Ouh, that’s a good story. I met Lucas because of a commun friend in the university. At this time, he trained me for the SainteLyon 2014! After a good result, we stay in touch and become friend. When he ask me to be part of the WOLF Training partner, by being the nutritionist, I was more than happy and said yes immediately.

Favorite food : That’s the hard question for the nutritionist 😜! And it’s really hard to answer! I’m an epicurean! But I have a small preference for sweat food, even if I will never say no to a cheese or delicatessen plate 😆

Favorite quote : “Baisser les bras sous prétexte qu’on ne peut pas gagner est incompatible avec l’esprit du sport »