The mental Preparation: Ultimate Sports Performance

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The mental Preparation: Ultimate Sports Performance

Today, meet one of the WOLF Training partner: Ultimate Sports Performance

The mental preparation is a complex topics. Lucky for our customers, WOLF Training is surrounding by competent partner. Ultimate Sports Performance will be the one in charge of your mental trainer!.

Get to know them better, with the answers of its founder, Jean-Luc.

Can you introduce Ultimate Sports Performance in a few words? The performance of an individual and a team is the result of inseparable factors: physical, technical, personal balance, staff, communication. We act directly on all these aspects except on the technical aspects: we let this part to qualified partners. All these points interfere with performance.
the practices of the corporate world (process, management, coaching, project management, team building, etc.) are adaptable to the Sport, whatever the level.
Our clients are managers, trainers and athletes, in collective or individual discipline.

For what reasons an athlete can have a mental trainer? In a general way and be simple, we could say that an athlete who stays alone is in bad company 🙂: faced with his own beliefs and sometimes with his own doubts, it is always necessary to step back.
To be more specific, the topics that we deal with are related to the management of pressure before the deadline, the control of its environment, the self-confidence (on estimate and underestimation), the behavioural problems for the collective sports, the balance between personal and professional life, and communication management. We are also working on the « after competition » and the phases of « depressurisation » that come with it.
For a staff or a club, the good alignment of energies towards the same goal and the coherence of the practices: from the sponsor to the coach while passing by the medical staff and the governance.

Is mental preparation exclusively reserved for the high level? Of course not!it is often less taboo for the amateur athlete. For professionals this approach is often an admission of weakness and disconnected from reality. It must be said that in the field of mental approach, approaches often remain theoretical, psychologising or esoteric. The sport psychologists of INSEP( NDLR: Institut National du Sport, de l’Expertise et de la Performance) are unemployed and … we can not blame athletes 😉

What is, in a concret way, a mental monitoring? First, we will improve the athlete’ knowledge of himself and concretely work on his beliefs and strengths. Then, we will be « with » him in his projects and his conditions of success: a athlete confident with the fact that everything is in the right place anf done to make it the best, will chase doubts and … for example less hurt or will not ask yourself the wrong questions on the D-day.

Why did you chose to become a WOLF Training Partner? For 2 simple reasons:
We are totally complementary – WOLF Training bring the expertise that we don’t have in running, cycling, swimming and specific training related to this 3 sports.
We have the same sensitivity in terms of human relations and approach to performance whatever the level of performance: challenger, performer or elite athlete.

If you need more informations about Ultimate Sports Performance, or the mental preparation, you can take a look to their Website or send us a message