Meet our customer : Sébastien

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Meet our customer : Sébastien

Today, meet a new happy customer, Sébastien alias Seb.

This runner is on expert in his sport. But after an Olympic distance triathlon, he decide to challenge himself: do an Ironman for his 40 years.

Name: Seb

Age : 39yo (40yo in November 2019)

Where do you live: Trévoux, France

Your strength and weakness in triathlon : My weakness : Swimming + flat road in bike. My strength : hilly bike, running and the mental. (the bad’swimmer « remontada » is always good for the moral!)

Your main competition in 2019 : the X-country french championship Master this winter, the XXL triathlon of Hourtin, and the marathon french championship in October.

Your favorite and worth session : My favorite session : long ride and running track session. My worth : swimming technique and Home-Trainer!

Why WOLF Training? : To improve my swim part, and my bike. But also to learn how to manage a XXL triathlon (transitions and manage this specific distance.)

Favorite food : French crepes / Carbonara pasta/ Mozzarella Tomatoes

Favorite quote : “Si tu veux courir, cours un kilomètre. Si tu veux changer ta vie, cours un marathon. » Emile Zátopek