The personal trainer of the Pack : Lucas Maréchet

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The personal trainer of the Pack : Lucas Maréchet

Today, meet one of the man behind WOLF Training

Lucas Maréchet is the personal trainer of WOLF Training. So, let’s put in the light, the man in the shadows !

Name : Lucas

Age : 28yo

Where do you live : I live in Bergen, Norway

Your sport history : I’m born in a running family so it was more than normal to have a running license when I was a kid. But it is still the case today, 16 years later. I’m passionate by the endurance, that’s how I discovered Triathlon. I started with a Sprint distance, and continued on the Olympic distance, 70.3, and now the mythic Ironman distance. I also practice Duathlon in the 2nd Nation Division in France. In addition to that, I realize some crazy challenges like the riding the « Alps Tour » in solo, « le défis des fêlées » – Riding the Col du Grand Colombier by the 4 different roads in one day, which mean 132km, 4600d+.. And more to come.

Your favorite and worth session : My favorite training is a long run session with tempo pace. My worth is a long ride with a strong wind in your face ! 🤣

Professional background : I have a master degree in Sport. I also have a coaching diploma in running. And I’m currently a swimming coach in a Club in Bergen.

Why do you create WOLF Training? The story start a couple of years ago. I started to prepare some running planification for some of my friends. For the first time of my life, I was really happy to be on the other side of the finish line. They were really happy about their results so they asked me to train some friends of friends. This is the start of this adventure.

Favorite Food : Lasagna with too much cheese and bechamel sauce!🍽️

Favorite quote : I’m a massive fan of quotes. Here are two: – « Bien faire et laisser dire » // – « Mieux vaut mourir incompris que passer sa vie à s’expliquer ».