Meet our Customer : Anaïs

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Meet our Customer : Anaïs

Today, meet our first happy customer, Anaïs alias Ana

She is with WOLF Training since 2 years. She practice triathlon since 2016.

Name: Anaïs

Age : 24 ans – I know, I’m not that young.

Where do you live: Bergen, in Norway

Your strength and weakness in triathlon : I don’t have a real strength, I’m just not bad in run and ride. But I’m a terrible swimmer, you can ask to the member of WOLF Training or the coach !🤣

Your main competition in 2019 : I train this year for the Ironman 70.3 Haugesund. I hope to do a good performance, enjoy this wonderful race, and have fun on it!

Your favorite and worth session : My favorite session is in run : 3*3km! Because when you do it, you know that you are close to the end of your training cycle and that the race is not far away. I don’t really have a session that I hate. Or maybe just 15 or 20*100 in swim, because it hurts A LOT 😜

Why do you take a triathlon coach : Lucas is my training since 2 years now. At first, I ask him to train me for a 10km. I was really happy by my result, so I ask him to train me for my 2nd Half Ironman. I was again really happy by my result, so I ask him to become my full time trainer!

Why WOLF Training? : When Lucas told me that he will create WOLF training, and become a personal trainer in Triathlon in Norway and France, I was really happy for him. And I was more happy when I met the others members of the pack (in Strava, Zwift and Facebook). We have different goals but an excellent spirit. It is a really friendly atmosphere. And I like it! Even if you are in individual training structure, it is still really « human » with a lot of connections between the members, and I like it !

Favorite food : I love all kind of food (it’s a big problem!). But,currently, I’m in love of « gratin de pâtes » and every king of FREIA Chocolate (Norwegian Brand from Trondheim).

Favorite quote : « Sometimes you don’t need a plan, you just need big balls! »

One last word: Thank you coach for all the mail, and chat to give me some confidence! You rock!